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Carol’s Daughter Sold to L’Oréal

Carol’s Daughter Sold to L’Oréal

CAROLS DAUGHTER SOLD TO LOREAL (1)Carol’s Daughter, the beauty brand started by Lisa Prince almost two decades ago in her Brooklyn kitchen, has been purchased by cosmetics giant L’Oreal.

In a press release issued late last night, Frédéric Rozé, President of L’Oréal U.S.A., said “Carol’s Daughter possesses an expertise in the multi-cultural consumer segment, a rapidly expanding market that represents an important growth opportunity…

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I’m like 80 percent certain that Abbie is a witch


With untapped power and that’s why Katrina needed an anchor and was able to use her/tap into her source. Katrina needed power in order to undo the spell since Henry had weakened her. Sure, the Witnesses have a gift, but I doubt it’s to that extent. She needed another witch and Abbie most certainly delivered.

Now the question is.. Has Katrina kept some/stored some of that power within herself and taken it from Abbie?