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Nicki Minaj Postpones “Anaconda” +

Nicki Minaj Postpones “Anaconda” +

Nicki Minaj has officially pushed back the release of her “Anaconda” single by six days. Originally scheduled to be released tomorrow, July 29th, Nicki sent out a tweet earlier this morning letting fans know it would now arrive on Monday, August 4th and more than likely, accompanied by a video.

Nicki and her team are banking on “Anaconda” to breathe new life into the hip-pop diva’s return to the…

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Internet Killed the Elusive Star

Internet Killed the Elusive Star

SOCIAL MEDIA AND CELEBRITIES (140x140)The title of this piece is a hint back to a 1980’s song called, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” I first heard the song over a decade ago in a documentary celebrating the creation of MTV. In the documentary, it was relayed over and over again how MTV’s creation ushered in a new era of music that demanded musical acts to not only sound good but also look good, providing stimulating and engaging…

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I wonder if Nicole understands..


The importance of Abbie not only having her own agency, but also having a love interest or… nah.

I love Nicole to death, I really do, but for her to write off the entire idea and just feed into the stereotypical ‘independent black woman’ trope is extremely disappointing. It only perpetuates the…

I have been saying this forever. I feel you. I wrote something similar months ago and people had a fit. Nicole makes it hard as hell to support her and character because she is so anti being great. She plays herself down. She plays Ichabbie down. She plays her character down. Its like she doesn’t really understand the position she is in and how important her character is for black women and black actresses. At this point, if she won’t support herself, I’m asking myself why should I/we? 

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Soooo…Nicole retweeted Rebecca’s Sleepy Hollow rant..







good rant, I totally agree with it.  I am not here for Katrina in any shape of form.  i will not stay around for learning more about her period.  the end.

I tweeted the article to Nicole and then she re-tweeted my tweet. She did it quickly, so I doubt she read it beforehand, but I hope she does eventually.

Also, I don’t mind Katrina and Crane getting their romance on, so long as Abbie is afforded the same opportunity. In season one Luke was presented as a sort of love interest, but it never got off the ground and Abbie was mean to him for no apparent reason.

I don’t need for Abbie and Crane to become a couple. I simply need Abbie not to be a lonely doormat who spends all her time putting the needs of others before her own.

And though this Nick Hawley is suppose to be Abbie’s new suitor in season 2, I have a hard time believing he’ll be anything more than shipper bait for slash fans. And even if he does make Crane jealous, that doesn’t please me as once again its about Crane. A love interest for Abbie should be focused on their relationship, not making the married old guy jealous.

If Crane and Katrina get love scenes, and according to Katia they will be spending a lot of time together in season 2, and Abbie doesn’t, that will be my clue to jump ship and another reason why black writers really are needed to write black characters.

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Nicole is very much so not here for Ichabbie.


Which is interesting. She would do well to play it up a bit but like I said she’s not here for it.


I have been saying this for months. Nicole should be proud to be one half of such a popular duo, but instead she turns her nose up at it every chance she gets. Tom on the other hand, plays it up, real or fake.

It is now interesting to note how gangsta Katia Winter is getting about not only her character, but Ichabbie as well. She said in an interview yesterday she prefers the pairing of Katrina and Jenny over Abbie and Ichabod. She straight up said she didn’t want them together.

Nicole on the other hand continues to play down Abbie to lift up Katrina. Its like Nicole doesn’t get the importance of her character as a black female and what it means to be in such a position of adoration.

Ain’t nobody here for the multitude of excuses as to why Nicole does it. She should stop. Its not good for her character or black women in the fandom world.

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Why is it I can’t enjoy one show without the writers deciding to shit all over what made it interesting and unique in the first place and going full-on Cash Cow?

I had such high hopes for you, Once Upon A Time.

Oh well. Back to waiting for season 2 of Sleepy Holl—

oh. They’re making Katrina…

They’re not making Katrina evil. Katia said in an interview yesterday ppl will like Katrina more once the new season starts. Ichabbie will never happen, if that makes you feel better. The producers continue to reiterate that every chance they get.

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The Ichabbie Bank Video is Working!!



At least now it is for me. I had to go on my PC. It wasn’t working on my Mac. I’m using Chrome as well if that helps.


Another video that again has Ichabod mentioning doing what he is doing to “save Katrina.” I’ll pass. The whole indignant shtick seems…

No, I am not suggesting a love triangle- just a love for Abbie. Ichabod isn’t worthy of Abbie. Let him have his witch wife. I just want a male character that loves and puts Abbie’s happiness and safety first.

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Blah, Blah, Fucking Blah!



Same shit, different day. I’m not even an Ichabbie shipper, but damn, this playing down of the dynamic that makes this otherwise weak ass show work is just annoying.


6:13 PM: On Ichabbie: “I’m not trying to be romantic,” Mison says when asked about Ichabod/Abbie. As he tries…

Ladies, as someone who’s been in fandom since the mid-’70s, let me reassure you that the intentions of the show’s creators are, well, their intentions. That does not force you, the viewer, to watch the show passively. If your vision includes the Ichabbie dynamic, embrace it, enjoy it, imagine it, write it, draw it, cosplay it, revel in it. Don’t feel constricted by what the showrunners intend. Fans are seldom passive, uninvolved viewers. We interact with the original text, we play with it, we mold it to suit ourselves and the moment. There are a hundred million hypothesized alternate/parallel universes out there. In one of them surely IchAbbie is bound to be a reality.  Write or dream that alternate universe.

Have fun!

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The Ichabbie Bank Video is Working!!


At least now it is for me. I had to go on my PC. It wasn’t working on my Mac. I’m using Chrome as well if that helps.


Another video that again has Ichabod mentioning doing what he is doing to “save Katrina.” I’ll pass. The whole indignant shtick seems old and tired too. I see why Tom is begging for a third season. Let’s save Katrina, follow me around again Abbie while I try to save my wife Please bring on Matt Barr. Anything to get Abbie away from this ass.

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