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Anonymous asked: Ok this might seem petty, but the thought of Crane and Katrina living in Corbin's cabin, of them making a home for themselves there and Abbie having to call before she comes over or knock on the door before she enters or give Crane her key or just generally having to relinquish control over HER mentor/surrogate father's property so that the Crane's can have their little love nest is infuriating and idk it kind of makes me sad.


It’s not petty at all anon. Im sure we all feel the same. I hope they explore how Abbie feels about that (though I doubt they will). Oh but remember! Corbin’s son is gonna be in town. Probably to collect that rent. Ichabod better find his ass a job.

Oh my gosh, y’all are so funny.

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fuck I found two out of the three Ichabbie ficlets I posted. I can’t find the third. *grumble*

this ficlet doesn’t have a name its just a ficlet where Abbie is killed and Ichabod realizes that one of the Witness powers is to raise the dead so he does and then they get emotional and kiss. If anyone maybe copied or saved that fic somewhere has a link or something I’d really appreciate thank you.

OMG, I would totally live to read that fic.

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Abbie Mills Sleepy Hollow Cosplay

I, Kenni D, can now finally say I’m a cosplayer!! This being my first cosplay, I’m super happy and proud of it.

I chose Abbie Mills because Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite TV shows and I just love the character (& Nicole Beharie).

I did take my time to do the photo shoot because I really wanted the outfit to look similar to hers, it is a very simple outfit, but in every episode Abbie wears something different, so I picked the colors she usually has on (Brown, gray, and blue). 

I made the whole badge (seen in photo #1) and part of the belt. And the clothes + shoes are from different stores.

I hope everyone enjoys it! If you would like to see more of my Abbie Mills cosplay photos click here :D.

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Anonymous asked: I remember the creators kept saying that the theme of season 2 is family and redemption (and way too much focus on the Mediocranes), but every single promo video and pic is yelling ICHABBIE from the rooftops. There must be a shipper in charge of marketing or something.



Well we have to deal with the Cranes whether we want to or not. I mean War’s their son after all. However, as much as I want to believe someone on the marketing team is an Ichabbie shipper, I think it has more to do with who the stars are. Despite Ichabod and Katrina being married and how their love’s crossed centuries and was suppose to be “epic”. People aren’t tuning in every week to see them. It’s Ichabbie that majority of the fans has fallen in love with. Best to create positive buzz and promote what people to really tune in for. It is rather strange that we haven’t seen anything Ichatrina related stuff. Not that I’m actively out looking for it, because I’m not. Just think of all the Ichabbie stuff we get to look forward to.

Like more food discoveries perhaps.


Or Ichabod showing more of his chivalrous self to Abbie.


You know we will get more of Ichabod sticking his foot in his mouth and Abbie having zero time for it.


I mean this isn’t even suppose to be romantic and yet.


How many squeals were heard when they did the first fist bump?

Unless of course it’s the bow, my shipper heart was soaring during this scene.


Oh and the tears that were a flowin’ when this happened.

Yes we will have to put up with the Cranes Family Drama, I you know what, I’m strong. The Ichabbie lovey dovey stuff will happen all in due time.  I can handle that if I still get my fill Ichabbie like in the gifs above. Besides those are by far superior than anything they have in store for Ichatrina.

Epic post ^^

Len Wiseman said in an interview recently that fans should not believe what they are seeing in Fox’s promo videos for the show. This shocked me because as a producer of the show I thought he would have a hand in that, but apparently not. So yeah, Fox the network may realize that Ichabbie sells the show, but I have a sneaking a suspicion the producers do not, especially given their penchant for trying to push that epic love story garbage on us.

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Janet Jackson is “Coming Soon”

Janet Jackson is “Coming Soon”

NEW JANET JACKSON MUSIC NEWS IS COMING SOONWhat is brewing with singer Janet Jackson?

If you have been keeping track of all the rumors surrounding the MTV Icon, then you know her longtime producer Jimmy Jam has been dropping all sorts of hints via Twitter as of late.

It all started back in Aprilwhen Jam linked to a Buzzfeed article praising the singer’s contribution to the music industry, along with the caption “In anticipation of some…

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Anonymous asked: Do you think there is anything going on between Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison? I mean is there "chemistry" just good acting for the viewing audience or does he really have a crush on her? I know he just got married but he should not look at Nicole like he wants to devour her.


LMao no I don’t think anything is happening between them beside Tom’s middle school crush on her. You would think he would tone it down since he got married in April but nope. When the fandom found out he got married, some were saying if we get season 3, that marriage will only last 12 months… 


And I would say them being all cute in interviews/panels is just for the show and to get people excited but it has been heart eyes every interview since last August! That is just how they act around each other. But other than that, I think they just really care about one another. 


Nicole is sooo uncomfortable with Miharie and Ichabbie. She is uncomfortable with Tom’s acceptance of both. We all know Tom is married but few seem to acknowledge that Nicole has a love on the side as well, something she alluded to in an interview some months back. For the sake of her real life I think Nicole does everything she can to dissuade Miharie and by extention Ichabbie. She doesn’t want to appear to be too close to Tom out of respect for both their significant others.

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Unpopular Opinion - I need our Miss Abbie to have a fabulous romance. Not a cardboard cut out thing like Ichatrina. A genuine flirty romance FOR HERSELF.


Nah, flesh out that character. Ichabbie can be waaaaaaaaaaay off in some distant time. I actually think it would be fun to watch the chess game. Not some tired boring thing like they did with Lukeabbie that had fail written all over it.

A genuine relationship. Yes, I like this. Who is with me on this?

I agree. We can only hope.